Why Do You Love Movies?

A movie, also commonly known as a motion picture, short film, video, or digital film, is an artistic work of cinematograph that employs moving images to simulate scenes that convey stories, ideas, emotions, beauty, or environment through the use of still images. It usually follows a plot line developed by the director or producers. There are many types of movies and each has a distinctive look and style, such as horror films, comedy films, or action films.

Movies are a visual feast for the eyes and mind. They tell stories that other medium cannot. Movie directors and producers take great care in conceptualizing a plot line, developing the story, characters, themes, and conflicts, and then using techniques such as audio, special effects, photography, special cinematography, and visual effects to give life to their vision. Some movies tell stories that explore social issues like war, disease, and divorce while others are romantic, funny, and comedy movies. The themes expressed in motion pictures depend on the director’s message and purpose.

Motion pictures are produced by major movie studios. These studios release movies for the public through Video cassette and DVD formats. Special effects and photographic images are intentionally made simpler to achieve certain effects, which can make a picture more appealing to viewers. Movie themes and messages are usually conveyed effectively through special effects and photography. Since movies are visual givens, it is common for movie studios to experiment with visual aspects in order to create better movies.