Why You Should Consider Using a Traveler Checkbook

The definition of a traveler refers to any individual who is traveling or who travels frequently. Whether you are going on a business trip or a holiday with your family, being called a traveler can be a negative label. While it is true that some travelers are hard workers who make a positive contribution to society, the majority of travelers are merely individuals who like to visit new places. They may be called by various names – city slickers, backpacking nutcases, and even just regular folks looking to experience something different. But if you go to the Caribbean and Europe, that is an excellent example of when you may well be considered a traveler.

Many travelers use traveler’s checks as part of their financial arsenal. If you are on your way to the Caribbean, you can purchase traveler checks from a variety of sources including banks or credit unions and use them as though they were credit cards. Some travelers also check with their local ATM for traveler’s checks, which can be helpful if you are unable to find a local ATM.

Travelers checks are useful not only for travelers but for merchants as well. Merchants can offer their customers a debit card and require the customer to swipe this card during checkout. The process is similar to swiping a credit card and allowing the customer to pay for items. In this transaction, it is likely that the customer will be charged for the full amount of the item, including any applicable taxes. This method of payment is not only safe and secure, but can save merchants hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees every year. Traveler checks can also be used to bypass currency exchange fees when traveling abroad and allow you to spend less on certain items and more on others.