What Does Traveling Mean?

Are you a traveler? Do you like to tell people that you are a traveler? A traveler is a person who leaves their comfort zone to visit somewhere new, sometimes far away. Just like a tourist, you go out to sight see, shop, and experience something different from where you’re coming from. Both travelers and tourists have different connotations to the word, but they are also people who all visit different places. Travelers are usually people who leave their home country to visit another country, while tourists are people who go to see places that are not their home country.

Now, do you know what the similarities and differences between a tourist and a traveler are? Well, a tourist can usually be recognized by their white coat or cap (sometimes they don’t wear one), they are usually on a “vacation” and they bring expensive gifts with them. A traveller on the other hand, is more outgoing and is looking to explore a different culture, maybe not at the same time but it’s a goal in itself. Sometimes travellers will also share the same affinity for a card game called “chicken”.

So what does this all mean when we talk about travellers? A traveller is someone who wants to experience a different way of living, visiting, and enjoying himself, whereas a traveler is someone who is looking to broaden his or her horizons. So if you think you are a traveler, then you probably aren’t from the nomadic lifestyle. Travelling is more of an adventure for you.