A traveler is not a tourist. Travelers are those who go out to see the world and leave the comforts of home behind. Travelers also known as vagabonds. Travelers are not concerned about a place, but only about traveling and seeing new places. In: Thesaurus, Traveler. Of being in need of something: I am traveling to the Taj Mahal for the second time.

In:aurus, Traveler. Traveler is always in need of something: a subject, a goal, an idea, a method or an object. The traveller goes from town to town, state to state, continent to continent, world to world, seeking something that will define him. The traveler searches for meaning in life, for love and understanding, for inspiration. He is an explorer and a vagabond.

The book by Chris Stapleton, “Vagabond: On Tour in the World,” is an exceptional travelogues about modern travelling. The book contains travelogues about three continents (North America, South America, and Africa), and even includes a “Vagabond Tour in the Desert,” that takes the reader on a journey through the Gobi Desert. The chapters are not that structured, and at times I felt a little lost in the book. However, once I got used to it, the book kept me interested. Chris Stapleton is an author I highly recommend, and I think anyone will enjoy this excellent travelogue.