Traveler – A noun, a verb, and an adjective!

Traveling refer to a person going on vacation or visiting another place. The word ‘traveling’ is derived from the Latin ‘virrus’ meaning ‘travel’. Traveling refers to a journey made by land, sea or air. Traveling depends on where you are going to audience. For instance, a journey to Paris would be described as “traveling” rather than “journey”. Traveled is usually the shortened form of travel and is used for general trips like from one state to another.

Travelling usually refers to a destination, a period of time. These days, however, most words have either a synonym or an alternative spelling that is used when describing the same concept or idea. Traveling refers to a journey. Most commonly, a journey to Paris is called a journey to Paris. Nowadays, travelling refers to any sort of movement made by land, sea or air.

For instance, a traveler is a traveler who goes from one place to another. A traveler is also a person who makes travels for leisure, business or any other purposes related to tourism. Travelers who take part in business excursions are called business travellers. On a lighter note, a traveler is defined as a person who travels for pleasure.