Top 5 Poker Mindsets


Poker is a card game in which players place chips into the pot if they believe their hand is better than the other players’. The player with the best hand wins the pot – which is all the money that has been bet on that particular round of the game. Poker involves a lot of luck but the most successful poker players make smart decisions based on probability and psychology.

They are disciplined; top players don’t act impulsively, they do the math before making big bets and they are courteous to other players. Being undisciplined could lead to massive losses.

Having resilience; being able to take a loss and learn from it rather than throwing a tantrum is an essential part of the poker mindset. This skill will not only benefit you at the tables but in all aspects of your life as well.

Ability to play in a wide range of stakes; it’s important to be able to adjust your style and strategy depending on the situation at the table. For example, when short-stacked, playing fewer speculative hands and prioritising high card strength is often the best strategy.

Be patient; poker is a long game and it takes time to improve your skills. A top player is always learning and improving. They are not afraid to take a step back if they feel their game isn’t on track.

They are dedicated to their poker; a committed player spends hours studying and preparing for the games they play. This includes reading, watching videos, practicing bet sizing and studying their opponents.