The Many Uses of Film in Modern Society

We may have all seen some form of film in our lives, be it from old black and white movies or the tint on some digital cameras. Though these things are no longer used, film is still around and has its place in our everyday lives. It is a versatile medium that can be used for many things from developing still photos to creating films for fun or professionally. Film is one of the oldest methods of filmmaking and is also the cheapest, because of the low production costs and ability to mass produce.

The three main types of film are the analog camcorder, the digital camcorder and the tube camera. Film is used in cinemas to produce motion pictures. Film is a sheet of thin plastic coated on glass with an emulsifying solution of silver halide crystals usually developed by a process called photoelectric absorption. In monochromatic film, the crystals soak up the light and in color films, they absorb only the red light.

Film is used in documentaries and motion pictures because it is easy to use and adapt to any given style of film. Because of its versatility, the film has been used for many years now as the medium of choice in both documentaries and motion pictures. In documentaries, it is often used for its visual effects which make it an impressive tool to work with. These visual effects can include computer-generated graphics, theatrical elements and even explosions. For motion pictures, most movies use film for the seamless visual editing of scenes and the ability to manipulate the background and special effects without the use of a computer.