The Importance of News

News is the information that informs us about current affairs. According to Oxford Dictionary, Thesaurus, and other dictionaries, information or reports of current affairs. A daily newspaper or magazine containing reports on current affairs. A news report as in a newscast or a television presentation. It may be related to anything happening today or was recently reported. It may be political, sports, immigration, science, and other fields.

The role of news in our everyday lives is everywhere. For example, news on cars drives the US automotive industry and most of world’s news involves cars. News on health, food and the environment inspires and motivates us. In a society dominated by big communication and marketing firms, news on almost anything attracts everybody’s attention.

The importance of news is still under debate. Some believe it is important to have news outlets to provide critical analysis and information to the public. Many citizens are constantly looking for breaking news and knowing what is happening in other parts of the world. Even social media sites such as Facebook are using news to give us information on the things happening around the globe. been a part of our society for a very long time.