How Poker Can Help Women in the Workplace


Despite its reputation as a gambling game, poker is actually a very skill-based game. There is a significant amount of thought involved in every decision, from reading other players to understanding odds and risk. It is also an excellent way to hone attention-to-detail and practice assessing risks versus rewards, skills that are essential for business success.

It also teaches players how to control their emotions. There are moments in life when unfiltered anger and stress may be appropriate, but at the poker table it is better to stay calm and make decisions based on logic. This discipline can be applied to many other areas of life, from personal finances to career choices.

There is also an element of psychology in poker, which helps players develop good bluffing and calling strategies. For example, if you have strong pre-flop hands like AA or KK and the flop comes Ks7c2d, you can bet enough that your opponent will fold, leaving you with a much improved chance of winning the pot with a top pair and a high kicker (the highest card in your hand).

In addition to boosting confidence, playing poker can help women in the workplace by giving them the courage to go all-in on a well-considered hand. It can also teach them to be more assertive, for instance when asking for a raise or promotion. Finally, it can encourage them to think long-term and build a solid poker studying routine, which will help them improve quickly.