Are You a Traveler?

Are you a traveler? Do you travel often? Or are you someone who just visits often? If you are the first type of traveler, you probably know how hard it can be to keep track of time and how much money and effort go into planning your trips so that you arrive at your destination on time, without a lot of hassle and without spending a lot of money on entertainment and activities.

Most travellers and tourists are people who travel from place to place. The only difference is that they each have different meanings and that one is often a broader term than the others. For example, all travellers are strangers, while all tourists are visiting or travelling. Therefore, the word traveler literally means somebody who travels frequently.

Of course, everyone knows what a tourist is. On a movie starring Tom Cruise as a character called John Locke, the character says, “I’m a traveler, I’ve been to many places, and I love it when I can’t sleep a wink.” This, of course, refers not to being unable to sleep, but to enjoying the experience of travel and seeing new places. In this case, the traveller in question is not necessarily a traveler. Rather, he/she is a tourist, someone who is visiting or travelling.