Making a Frame – Understanding How a Film is Made

A short film, also referred to as a “mock” or “filmmaker’s” film, is a collection of still images that form a short film, usually no more than ten minutes long, that entertain as a means of telling a story. Many people enjoy watching new films at the cinema when they are released. While a large majority of movies that are made for multiplexes and are shown in the theaters, some films are meant to be viewed on television by a movie lover or just by an individual who enjoys the film. Many times these films are made by amateurs. Some of the best amateur films are parodies of current popular works that poke fun at the genre in question.

Most of the film that is produced by companies other than the studios gets produced as a film from digital photographs that are put onto cellulose nitrate films. The nitrate film is then fused together with special lighting equipment to form the original negative and afterwards is used as the foundation for the film. Film is processed through three stages in order to create a positive; this positive is then placed onto a silver plate that has been laid over a glass negative. The negative is exposed to light and the resulting image is converted into a digital image that can be viewed on a computer monitor or by an individual projector.

The process of creating motion pictures has been a process that has been around for centuries. Over the years motion picture production technology has improved so that movies can be produced on a large scale by several different movie producing studios. The major change in the process has come from digital video. Motion picture technology has improved tremendously in the past decade and it is now possible to create movies on a fairly large scale by several different companies with only a small amount of technical knowledge required.