Different Cultures Give Different Views on Different News Stories

You need to understand the exact meaning of news acronym. The acronym BEST describes the Following: 1. Important Events, weather and sports. Besides the above, News is defined by different writers and researchers of news. According to the Oxford dictionary, news is newish or noteworthy news, especially concerning recent events… In other words, news is a kind of report on current affairs with the main purpose of informing, educating and entertainment of the readers.

Since the beginning of human communication, white wash has been used since ancient times to hide or disguise unpleasant news. For example, when news of wars were breaking out in the 16th century, a common method to pass on the news was to create long accounts, which were full of errors and details. It was thought that the worst thing that could be done is to let people know what they know. So editors made sure to use words like “whitewash” and “scorched earth!”

Today, the meaning of the news story has changed drastically. Today news reporting is almost entirely based on fact. While it is important to inform the public, it is equally imperative to give importance to different kinds of cultures and communities in different parts of the world. Different cultures have different perspectives on different kinds of news stories.